About Us

Cy & Charley’s Firestone is a third generation family owned business currently owned by Ron Hearn.

Cy & Charley’s started in 1952 when Cy Hearn (Ron’s grandfather, who worked for Louis Chanen since 1933) and Charlie Gerken purchased Chanen’s Home and Auto Supply Store (Louisville) from Louis Chanen, who had started in the tire business in 1922. In 1962, after Cy Hearn’s death, Charlie Gerken sold Cy & Charley’s to Don Hearn (Ron’s father), Leo Gerken (Charlie’s brother), and Don Halverson. Don Halverson retired in 1982. At this time Ron Hearn became a full time employee. Leo Gerken retired in 1992 and sold his share to Max Boren of Smitty’s. In 1997, Don Hearn died and Ron Hearn purchased his father’s share. In 1998 Max Boren sold his share to Ron Hearn.

Cy & Charley’s now sells a wide variety of tires, appliances, and bedding. We do appliance service in the home, appliance delivery, and on the farm tire service. Our auto service shop does front end alignments, brake and suspension work, exhaust repairs, and light mechanical repairs.

In the past a variety of goods have been sold at Cy & Charley’s; canoes, boats, motors, and trailers. We have sold lawn mowers, bicycles, batteries, antifreeze, and lottery tickets. And we wouldn’t want to forget can openers, safety goggles, car floor mats, golf balls, trash can liners, barn brooms, or a roll of rope. Cy & Charley’s also used to retread tires! We have a variety of our old ads on display at our new store for you to see proof of many of the items we have sold in the past.

Cy & Charley’s original location was at 1001 5th Ave NE. It consisted of five buildings, a fenced in yard, and three old rail cars attached to the rear of the main store. This location was used until February of 2007, when we moved to our new location at 1800 3rd Ave SE. Our new location consists of three buildings connected together with a fenced in yard.

We hope you take the time to stop and visit us. We will be happy to serve you.